Mesothelioma Surgery

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After a patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma, surgery is one of the standard forms of treatment used to remove tumors, providing relief from symptoms and possibly leading to long-term survival. Surgery is not recommended for all mesothelioma patients, however, especially if they are in poor health or are diagnosed at a late stage.

Types of Surgery Used with Mesothelioma

Surgery can take place at different points throughout a patient’s experience with mesothelioma. Surgery can be used early on to help make a diagnosis, and it can be used after a diagnosis is made either to eradicate the disease or to relieve symptoms caused by the cancer growth

Diagnostic Surgery
Curative Surgery
Palliative Surgery
Diagnostic or exploratory surgery is used to help doctors determine if mesothelioma exists, usually by taking a biopsy. It can be as simple as using a needle or it could require full open surgery, depending on the location of the tumor.

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