Top 3 products to seriously reduce knee pain Of all the sports injuries, about 55% are related to the knee.

Top 5 products to seriously reduce knee pain Of all the sports injuries, about 55% are related to the knee. In addition to this, stress to the affected knee can contribute a great deal to tendinitis and in some cases, arthritis. If you are among the many people dealing with knee pain, you might want to try some of these products to reduce and eliminate the pain.

Treating knee pain involves different processes such as pain medication, exercise, weight loss, and surgery. Before you start this kind of treatment, you can use some products to reduce the pain. The following 5 products will help in alleviating knee pain regardless of whether the pain is from overuse, injury or mobility issues.


This is one of those products where you only need to rub it on and you start feeling the relief. Biofreeze is categorized under topical analgesic and uses the counter irritant mechanism that creates a sensation that disrupts the pain signals coming from the brain. When your knee starts paining, rubbing Biofreeze on the affected knee will make sure that the pain subsides almost instantly.

Biofreeze is not available in our local grocery stores because the company wants the product distributed by qualified healthcare practitioners. Though this is the case, you can get a pack of three Biofreeze roll-ons at $25 on Amazon.

Knee Sleeves

KASP is a company that focuses on the manufacture of compression knee sleeves. These sleeves are constructed using high quality materials that will keep you warm when it is cold with a 7mm neoprene material. We love the compression and these are our number one recommendation if you do CrossFit or any form of weight lifting. You can get the KASP knee sleeves on Amazon at around $49.95 a bargain compared to other brands.

Glucosamine And Chondroitin

All joints in your body have cartilage, which is the cushioning that exists between the joint bones. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are found in the joint cartilage. The idea behind this knee pain.

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